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Long-Distance Service
Can It Be Made Viable?
by, Gordon Gill
The railroad industry in the United States has undergone many changes in the
past decade, including the 1971 start-up of Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. Due to the continued reliance on government subsidies, Amtrak's role in transportation had been highly controversial.
A number of texts have addressed the issue of Amtrak's history, but Gordon Gill has undertaken tremendous research and produced Amtrak's Long Distance Service: Can it Be Made Viable?, a book which examines scholarly studies devoted to rail passenger economics, analyzes the shortcomings of Amtrak's competitors, critiques other evaluations of Amtrak's worth to American public, assesses Amtrak's market penetration deficiencies, surveys selected markets suitable for inter city rail passenger service, and plans for a national route structure that provides benefits which justify a reasonable level of government assistance. It is Gill's hope that Amtrak's Long Distance Service: Can It Be Made Viable? will prove useful to policy makers in their reexamination of the nation's economic priorities at a time when public expenditures of all kinds are increasingly open to scrutiny.
About the Author
Gorodn Gill received his bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Maryland, where he majored in the economics of transportation.
While employed in the railroad industry, he rose to a mid-level managerial position in which-after passing his examination to practice before the Interstate Commerce Commission-he prepared evidence and testified in legal proceedings relative to the reasonableness of freight and passenger rates and charges. Later he joined the professional staff of the I.C.C. and assisted in drafting formal decisions.
Gill is now a professional consultant and author, and he resides in Fairfax County, Virginia.

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