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Take your
On the
Take your bicycle on the train -
Getting there will be half the fun
Now bicycling in the North Carolina is better than ever. The new checked bicycle service on the Piedmont (trains 73, 74) provides easy access to cities and towns throughout central North Carolina for you and your bike.
Specially fitted bike racks in the baggage car can carry up to 20 bikes* at a time unboxed. The schedule is well suited for east-to-west day trips or longer overnight and weekend trips in either direction.
The Piedmont makes daily round trips between Raleigh and Charlotte, with stops in Cary, Durham, Burlington, Greensboro, High Point, Salisbury and Kannapolis.
Here's how it works:
  • Call 1-800-USA-RAIL to make advance reservations for you and your bike. A $5 handling fee is charged for each bike.
  • When you arrive at the station, take your bicycle to the baggage car and hand it up to the conductor. He will secure it in the rack specially designed not to scratch the paint or damage any parts.
  • Board one of the passenger cars. Relax on the way, have a snack or a meal. Arrive at your destination rested and ready to ride.
  • *Note: Although there is only space for 20 bikes in the racks, additional bicycles may be carried as boxed baggage to and from destinations with staffed stations. Special arrangements can also be made for larger groups. Tandem bikes must be boxed on all trains, including the Piedmont. Folding bikes may be taken aboard the Piedmont coaches and stowed in the baggage shelves at the end of each car without extra charge or advance reservations.
    The other trains that run through North Carolina - the Carolinian, Silver Star, Silver Meteor,Silver Palm, Crescent - also accept boxed bicycles at staffed stations. (Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, Raleigh, Wilson, Rocky Mount, Fayatteville.)
    Bicycle maps are available for the following places along the route of the Piedmont :
    Mecklenburg-Union Bicycle Suitability Map -
    Regional map showing relative suitability of roads for bicycling.
    Alamance County Bicycle Routes -
    Map shows a 150-mile system of bicycle routes throughout the county.
    Burlington Parkway Bicycle Routes -
    Highlights a 10-mile route across Burlington which connects the major city parks.
    The Durham Bike Map -
    Bicycle suitability ratings for a major part of the street network are shown.
    Raleigh Bike Map -
    Highlights a 150-mile system of designated urban bike routes which provide alternatives to busy roads.
    Connections to the Bicycling Highways routes, a system of designated cross-state routes, may be made from the following Piedmont stops: Charlotte, High Point, Greensboro, Burlington, Durham, Cary and Raleigh.
    For maps and more bicycling information:
    NCDOT Division of Bicycle and
    Pedestrian Transportation
    For train tickets and other information:
    For North Carolina rail information:
    NCDOT Rail Division

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