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To All Amtrak
Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle
Thank you for making Amtrak a part of your travel plans. Everyone at Amtrak understands that you rely on us to operate our trains on schedule. As with any form of transportation, there are occasions, when, for any number of reasons, our trains are delayed. Recently, the Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle services have been experiencing frequent and varied delays. We are working both internally and with the Union Pacific, the freight railroad which owns and operates the track over which these trains travel, to improve on time performance.
Please understand that disappointing our guests is something we work hard to prevent. On behalf of Amtrak we apologize for any delay and inconvenience you may encounter. Should your train experience delays, Amtrak employees on board and at stations will make every effort to keep you advised and updated.
Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you wish to make any comments regarding your travel experience, please contact Amtrak Intercity Customer Communications, 210 S. Canal, Chicago, IL 60606.

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