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Videotapes with full-color and sound of Amtrak, Metrolink, and BNSF railroad action are now available for purchase! Each tape is 6 hours long and includes sound from both the station platform and from radio communications.

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Fullerton Station The Busiest In The County!
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TrainWeb records two six hour tapes each day, one from about 5:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. and another from about 11:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. The videotapes are in VHS format. The morning tape will include about 20 passenger trains and numerous BNSF freight trains. Those 20 passenger trains include the westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief, 8 Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains, and 11 Metrolink commuter trains. The afternoon tape will include about 14 passenger trains as well as numerous BNSF freight trains. Those 14 passenger trains include 8 Amtrak Pacific Surfliners and 6 Metrolink commuter trains. The number of trains, which trains, and the time of arrival of each train on each videotape will vary due to fluctuations in passenger train operations.

The soundtrack of the videotape includes both the sound from the station platform (including announcements for each approaching Amtrak train) as well as the audio from the railroad radio frequencies used along the segment of track through Fullerton. This radio audio includes communications between the Conductor and Engineer on the train and the Dispatchers and Fullerton Station Services.

There is a junction called the "Fullerton Junction" just beyond and within view of the east end of the station platform. East and west bound trains, including the northbound trains heading to Los Angeles use Channel 36 (160.650). Trains heading south out of the Fullerton Station switch to Channel 30 (160.560) before they even leave the station while northbound trains switch from Channel 30 to 36 before arriving into the station. The audio from both of these channels is included on the videotape.

We make these videotapes to capture any unusual equipment such as special locomotives, private cars, special trains, track work equipment, and other interesting railroad cars and events. We could re-use these tapes, but we hate erasing and taping over hours of live railroad action. Thus, we are making these videotapes available to you for as close as we can get to covering our cost of tapes, packaging, shipping and handling.

There are other advantages to holding onto these tapes. Much of the equipment that you will view on these tapes is being phased out and you will have one of the few records of this equipment in use. Many of these tapes show the Amtrak F40 locomotive, which is now hardly used on any of the Pacific Surfliner trains. Most of the trains that you do see are composed of Amfleet and Horizon Cars, including Metroliner Cab Control Cars, and even old full-length Dome Cars! These old trainsets are now slowly being replaced by the all-new double-decker Surfliner equipment!

I don't know a lot about rail freight equipment, but you will see a great diversity of BNSF locomotives in a great variety of paint schemes. This includes a number of locomotives that still bear the Santa Fe logo and paint combinations that have not been repainted yet.

Most of these tapes have never been reviewed and you are very likely to run across surprises that we didn't even know were on the tapes! Keep in mind these tapes start recording before we even arrive at the the station in the morning and are recording even when we don't get a chance to glance at the video monitor or out the window! Who knows what you might find?

If you want to make copies of these tapes and give them to friends, that is fine with us! As I mentioned, we just want to get back enough money to keep buying more blank tapes and cover the cost of sending them out. If you incorporate any video from these tapes into a commerical video production, royalties are not necessary, but we would certainly appreciate credit and mention that the video was provided by "".

TrainWeb sells these tapes in sets of two to insure that you get a full day of railroad action from the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot! A set of two tapes is only $9.95 plus $2.00 for shipping and handling. At this low price, we can not honor requests for specific dates. Also, since we send out the original videotapes, a lot of dates are not available anyway. You can order online by using your Mastercard or Visa or a direct debit to your checking account via We will ship the tapes within 24 hours of placement of your order.

If for any reason you are not happy with your order, or if you would just like to exchange the ones you receive for a set of videotapes from a different day, just send your tapes back to us with a check for $5 to cover the cost of restocking and shipping the new tapes to you!

Click here to view still images captured from these videotapes!

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