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Subject: Re: Your CZ travelogue
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:06:45 -0800 (PST)
From: "LTC John W. Perkowski"

Steve and Carol,

Thanks for your travelogues. They are so good, I would rather not publish a separate one, but highlight some things pertinent to our trip (a family going to and from Christmas with the far set of parents).

We traveled westward Dec 19-21 (Kansas City-Omaha via Amtrak thruway; Bedroom E, Car 533 Omaha-Reno). We traveled eastward Dec 28-30 (Bedroom E, Car 633 Reno-Omaha; Omaha-Kansas City via Amtrak thruway).

... Amtrak's shuttle service, with its guaranteed connections (we used the van from Kansas City to Omaha) was the best rail travel insurance policy ever written. We are glad we used it! :)

... Look at the fine print when checking luggage. The 50 pound limit per box got us. Thankfully, the excess fee was $10, and our box was only 10 lbs over.

... Both East and West, we had Deluxe room E, car 33. This is the best compartment on the train, without a doubt. A deluxe room easily takes a family of three. Our son had the upper and we shared the lower.

... Get the hot water hot through the sink before taking a shower in a Deluxe room.

... On our westbound trip, 12/19 - 12/21, Diner 38024 lost its hot water, and thus its dish sanitizing ability. Instead of the great supper on 12/20, we had snack food from the lounge, vouchered on Amtrak. They got enough paperware on board to serve breakfast on 12/21.

... With the new authorization act, Amtrak appears to have cut back on some First Class amenities. Each of us had a single voucher for a free soft drink, rather than the unlimited quantities described in your travelogues.

... Our eastbound porter (attendant) was fantastic!!! She knew her timecard and her landmarks, had obtained Diner reservations for us before we boarded, and took great care of our son. Great lady!!

... Take early supper reservations in the Diner. We did not, and the choice of menu selections gets limited at the late seatings!!

... If you have children, even though they can walk the halls and visit the lounge car (always with one of us present), take along activities for them. Really, plan for a child just as though he or she is taking a car trip :))

... Westbound, get somewhere so you can so both sides of the train in the climb into the Rockies from Denver. In our case, our bedroom was fantastic for that. In fact, the scenery all the way to Glenwood Springs from Denver is "once in a lifetime" material!!!

... Eastbound, after a day of following the Colorado River, the wintertime after dark drop out of the Rockies to Denver is fantastic.

... Speaking of Denver, the consist must work the BNSF locomotive ready tracks and then back down into Union Station. This is a time for safety first!

... Finally, we have a preference: Westward, sleeper 32045 (car 533) had plastic walls. Eastward, sleeper 32044 (car633) had carpeted walls. We like the carpet!

Happy New Year to All, John, Donna NB, and Will Perkowski

---CAROL LARSEN wrote: > > John, > > I'm glad you enjoyed my CZ travelogue. Of course, that trip was just a small segment of the entire > route which I have taken before. I think it's generally accepted that the Zephyr is the most scenic (snip, snip) _________________________________________________________ DO YOU YAHOO!? Get your free address at

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