Family History

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My daughter, Sherica Grande, had a project to do for school in the fourth grade to tell about her family history and to include as many photos as available. I decided to post the photos on-line before we returned the originals to our parents.

Family Of My Wife, Barbara Cepinko

  1. Zev Williams, Father of my Wife's Grandfather.
  2. Anna, the Mother of my Wife's Father.
  3. My Wife's Aunt Sussie and her cousin.
  4. My Wife's Grandparents.
  5. Family photograph of my Wife's ancestors.
  6. Jack & Sarah, parents of my Wife's Mother. My Daughter Sherica's name starts with "S" in honor of Sarah.
  7. Gussie Deutch, Sister of Sarah and my Wife's Great-Aunt.
  8. Anna & Harry, the parent's of my Wife's Father.
  9. My Wife's Brother Jeff, my Wife and her Sister Phyllis as children.
  10. My Wife's Dad, Irving Cepinko, in uniform in World War II.
  11. Elkie, Norwegan Elk Hound that belonged to my Wife's Mom.
  12. My Wife, my Wife's Mom Shirley, and my Wife's Sister Phyllis.
  13. My Wife's Brother, Jeffery, who died in a car accident in the 1970's. My Daughter Jodina's name starts with "J" in honor of Jeffery.
  14. My Wife's Dad and Mom, Irving & Shirley Cepinko.
  15. Wedding photo of the parents of my Wife's Mom.
  16. My Wife's cousin Sylvia, Uncle Joe and Aunt Anna.
  17. The family of my Wife's parents.

My Family

  1. My Mom when she was younger.
  2. Yours truly when I was about 2 years old.
  3. Wedding photo of Barbara and I, June 27, 1976.
  4. My Daughters, Jodina and Sherica.
  5. My Dad and Mom, Edmund & Alberta Grande, in 1980.
  6. My Dad in the 1940's.
  7. My Dad in the army during World War II.
  8. This photo is from 1935. I think it is my Grandmother.
  9. My Uncle Sal, Grandmother, and Uncle Dominic. This photo was labeled as "At Christening 12/24/50" which is a little weird since I wasn't born until August 7, 1951. I'll have to check out this mystery.

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