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NEWUpdate Bot Watches Auctions for You Got the online auction bug? This new Update bot will search major auction sites for any item you want to buy. While you're waiting to see if your bid wins, check out the other Update bots. You'll find them in The List of All Bots.
NEWToys Reveal Clues to the Future of AI   Lego's robotic construction kit is an amazing application of decades of work in artificial intelligence. It was built with the help of engineers at MIT and inspired by NASA's work on Lunar and Martian exploration.
NEWImproving a Website's Design, with Bots  This time-saving application of bot technologys saves web designers from the tedious chore of validating links. Wisebot does the work, creating easy to use reports that can be turned into site indexes.

A ChatterBot in Java  Using Java, this bot spares users from the need to download software. With a Java-capable browser, MeBot conducts a conversation inside a browser window. Read the review in the ChatterBots section.

Sharper Tools for Data Miners.  Don Barker unearths a gem: a program that uses an ordinary spreadsheet to bore through the deepest data stores, and find hidden patterns. It's so smart, it teaches itself as it goes.

Inside Microsoft's AI Research   Using Visual BASIC for Window, Microsoft scientists are creating belief networks: adaptive software that can codify a group's own intelligence. You probably won't find this on sale at CompUSA for a good long time, but you can download an early version of this far-looking work today.

Improve Your Inta-Office Communications.  Knoweldge Bots can enhance your Intranet applications or streamline your workflow. Agent Studio is a toolkit for intelligent delivery systems. Edify lets you build scalable customer-service and knowlede-sharing applications across an enterprise.

What Are They Saying?  News bots can scour information sites and bring back only what you need. AdHound will search the classified ads to find just the products you want.

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