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WWW Robots Mailing List

Note: this mailing list was formerly located at robots@nexor.co.uk.
This list has moved to robots@mccmedia.com


The robots@webcrawler.com mailing-list is intended as a technical forum for authors, maintainers and administrators of WWW robots. Its aim is to maximise the benefits WWW robots can offer while minimising drawbacks and duplication of effort. It is intended to address both development and operational aspects of WWW robots.

This list is not intended for general discussion of WWW development efforts, or as a first line of support for users of robot facilities.

Postings to this list are informal, and decisions and recommendations formulated here do not constitute any official standards. Postings to this list will be made available publicly through a mailing list archive. The administrator of this list nor his company accept any responsibility for the content of the postings.


These few rules of etiquette make the administrator's life easier, and this list (and others) more productive and enjoyable:

When subscribing to this list, make sure you check any auto-responder ("vacation"> software, and make sure it doesn't reply to messages from this list. X-400 and LAN email systems are notorious for positive delivery reports...

If your email address changes, please unsubscribe and resubscribe rather than just let the subscription go stale: this saves the administrator work (and fustration)

When first joining the list, glance through the archive (details below) or listen-in a while before posting, so you get a feel for the kind of traffic on the list.

Never send "unsubscribe" messages to the list itself.

Don't post unrelated or repeated advertising to the list.

Subscription Details

To subscribe to this list, send a mail message to robots-request@webcrawler.com, with the word subscribe on the first line of the body.

To unsubscribe to this list, send a mail message to robots-request@webcrawler.com, with the word unsubscribe on the first line of the body.

Should this fail or should you otherwise need human assistance, send a message to owner-robots@webcrawler.com.

To send message to all subscribers on the list itself, mail robots@webcrawler.com.

The Archive

Messages to this list are archived. The preferred way of accessing the archived messages is using the Robots Mailing List Archive provided by Hypermail.

Behind the scenes this list is currently managed by Majordomo, an automated mailing list manager written in Perl. Majordomo also allows acces to archived messages; send mail to robots-request@webcrawler.com with the word help in the body to find out how.

Martijn Koster