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Tehachapi Trip July 3, and 4, 1998

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Isn't it amazing the People you meet when Railfanning. In different trips I've made to the Loop we alway run into people from different parts of the US and even the World. On this trip I met a Lady from Alamagordo New Mexico a couple from Reno Nev. and a man from nearby Bakersfield.

The Beautiful park setting I saw in March has now turned to wheat field brown, with a few green spots mixed in for contrast, and things have definitely dried out from the flooding conditions at Caliente last trip.

My main thoughts was to get a nice morning shot of the BNSF modified pumpkin scheme, the one with 3 yellow strips. I think this is by far the best paint scheme yet, as it makes the locomotives look so big. My plans was to be up near the mouth of tunnel 10 as soon as the sun was high enough. This location shows almost the entire loop area.

Well this wasn't to happen, although I did get a BN green and white scheme, with a train that wrapped all the way around the loop and more than the 5000 ft. passing track. Along with this I shot a meet at this location before the sun was up all the way with my Video Camera.

I saw almost every paint scheme in service except the one above. Even a Montana Rail Link in a helper set. Well maybe next time! I was supprised to see a UP pulling atleast a 60 trailer Roadrailer later that day. Also a loaded beet going north to a processor in the Valley. I really miss the Oil Cans though, as they would always come through in the Afternoon.


From several different sources, I've heard that its just a matter of weeks and the loop area, a favorite camping location of mine and a million other fans , will be closed by UP for good to the Railfan community. Like always a few idiots have ruined this location for the more reliable and intelligent majority. I've heard storys of people jamming metal into switch points, and all kinds of other stupid acts. I think probably these people arent our kind and are just passing through and decide to stop and cause a little havoc. What they dont realize that if you intentionally cause a train to derail, you are not only responsible for the damage, but breaks federal laws and you could go to Prison for many years.

Another rumor I've heard is that possibly a Hotel may be built between RR property and the old Tehachapi road. This would be a dream come true for Railfans World Wide! The spot offers excellent photo Possibilitys of the Loop from this area.

Also visited was Marcel, the next passing track up the hill. also I stopped early on July 3 at Woodford, just down hill from the loop.

By the way, if you forget to order our guide of the Tehachapi Pass, the Keene Store, where you turn off Highway 58 usually has the Tehachapi guides in stock.

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