Amtrak San Diegans

Photographs of scenery, stations, accommodations, and the trains themselves along the route of the Amtrak San Diegans.

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Picture of me with San Diegan Express new California Train arriving over my right shoulder. Also, a picture of my friend, Ray Burns, standing in front of the engine of the new California Cars after arrival in the Santa Barbara station.

Pictures of Ray Burns and I again, standing in front of an Amtrak California coach car.

Table for 4 on an Amtrak California Car. Most of the seats in the Amtrak California Cars are set up this way. On family trips, this leaves plenty of space for board games. On business trips, there is plenty of room to layout your work or to read. Many, but not all, of the tables have electrical outlets under them to run your laptop computer.

Yes, cellular phones work fine along most of the trip between San Diego and Santa Barbara. If you don't have a cellular phone, there is also a pay phone on the train as you can see in the ad in the background. You can also get an idea of the "openess" of the newly designed California Cars. The windows are vew large throughout. Wherever a panel was needed between seating, clear plexiglass was used as the wall to keep the look and feel very open and to preserve the view throughout.

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