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Rail Canada

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  1. ★ Algoma Central Railfan & Modeling Site
    Algoma Central Railfan & Modeling Site.

  2. - Algoma Central Railway Railfan and Modelling Site The Algoma Central Railway (ACR) runs 296 miles throught relatively untouched northern Ontario wilderness from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. or 'The Soo', from the pronounciation of the old... Read More>>

  3. ☆ British Columbia Railway Historical Association

  4. www.trainweb.US/bcrha - British Columbia Railway Historical Association a Victoria, B.C. based group dedicated to the preservation of the railway history of British Columbia. Members of our group have in the past written a number of books on BC railway history... Read More>>

  5. The Canadian

  6. www.trainweb.US/canadian - The Canadian A passenger train that was owned by Canadian Pacific which ran between Vancouver British Columbia and Toronto Ontario. Which was sold to VIA canada at a later date... Read More>>

  7. Canadian North Western Railway

  8. www.trainweb.US/canw - Canadian North Western Railway The Canadian North Western Railway or CaNW for short is a fictional railway, based in Ontario and Michigan... Read More>>

  9. ★ Dominion Atlantic Railway

  10. - Dominion Atlantic Railway Railroad building in 19th Canada was no less of a national enterprise than in its neighbor to the south. Railroads in Atlantic Canada were especially prolific due in large measure to fear by Canadians that right after the US Civil War, with over a million men in arms, that is the US decided to invade and annex Canada there would be little that the Canadians could do to... Read More>>

  11. ☆ Erin Mills Model Railroad Association

  12. - Erin Mills Model Railroad Association Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - Formed in May 1980 as a club to encourage and promote model railroading... Read More>>

  13. Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway

  14. - Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway The E&N Division is dedicated to the preservation of BC railway heritage... Read More>>

  15. ★ Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers

  16. - Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers These displays show railroading and model railroading in all its glory, from early steam to modern high power diesels... Read More>>

  17. ★ Green Creek Railway

  18. - Green Creek Railway in High River, Alberta, Canada This year has been a good year for the Green Creek Railway with lots of visitors. You can now checkout the new 2015 release of the youtube video by google searching green creek railway 2015... Read More>>

  19. ☆ GRR

  20. www.trainweb.US/grr - GRR I am collecting 5 different Railroads. Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Canadian National, and Pennsylvania. The web site includes Project Pages, Photo Reference Pages, and Rosters of Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific and more... Read More>>

  21. ★ Hamilton Transit History

  22. - Hamilton Transit History This website is a description of public transit in the Hamilton, Ontario region, past, present and future (Hopefully!), and is updated at the start of each month... Read More>>

  23. ★ HOMES Model Railroad Club & Museum

  24. - HOMES Model Railroad Club & Museum HOMES is a model railway club in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1948, HOMES is dedicated to prototype modelling of the Hamilton railway scene as it was a half century ago... Read More>>

  25. ★ Bay City Railway Historical Foundation

    Bay_City_Railway_Historical_Foundation.html - Bay City Railway Historical Foundation
    The BCRHF is a charitable organisation recognised by the Canada Customs & Revenue Agency. The HO Model Engineers Society Inc. established the Foundation in 1997 as a permanent railway museum... Read More>>

  27. ☆ HydroRail - Rails along the Fraser River

  28. - HydroRail Rails along the Fraser River. This site is dedicated to exploring and preserving the history of the British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority Railway (BC Hydro Railway, BCH) and its successor, the Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY)... Read More>>

  29. ☆ UnOfficial INCO Ltd Railway Information Site

  30. www.trainweb.US/incorail - UnOfficial INCO Ltd Railway Information Site Roster photos, locomotive roster pages, area and system map, and area frequencies for INCO Ltd. Railway, a mining railroad located in Ontario, Canada... Read More>>

  31. ★ CNR Locomotive 6167

  32. - CNR Locomotive Fencing and Security Around Locomotive 6167 in Guelph, Ontario. Should a Fence Be Constructed Around The Recently Restored Locomotive 6167?... Read More>>

  33. ★★★ Rail Travel Reports & Photos by Jack M. Turner

  34. - Rail Travel Reports & Photos by Jack M. Turner Rail Trip Reports & Photos on both Amtrak and other rail lines throughout the nation from the year 2002 to current... Read More>>

  35. ★ Welcome to Canadian Rail Images

    Canadian_Rail_Images/Welcome.html - Welcome to Canadian Rail Images
    This is a site of mostly of rail images I have taken over the years of BC Rail, CN Rail and CP Rail. These pictures were taken at a variety of locations in British Columbia... Read More>>

  37. ★ John Turner

  38. - John Turner Rail Travel Trip Reports & Photos by John Turner... Read More>>

  39. ☆ Killean Rails

  40. www.trainweb.US/killeanrails - Killean Rails Canadian rail photos by David Brook including Canadian Pacific, Canadian National and GO Transit... Read More>>

  41. ☆ Michel Robichaud's Rail Photos

  42. www.trainweb.US/mrobicha - Michel Robichaud's Rail Photos Welcome to my Railroad photos site, mainly focused on railways of southern Quebec (Canada)... Read More>>

  43. ★ New Brunswick Central Railway

  44. - New Brunswick Central Railway, an HO scale freelanced railway (created by Tim Steeves) that operates on former CN and CP trackage in the central and western part of New Brunswick, Canada, loosly based in the late 2000's/early 2010's. Head Office is in the former CP station in Fredericton, with the main yard and engine facility in,.. Read More>>

  45. ☆ Rail Travel Trip Reports by Jim Nowell

  46. www.trainweb.US/nowell - Rail Travel Trip Reports by Jim Nowell Trip reports and photos of railroad travel in Australia and Canada... Read More>>

  47. ☆ Rail & Truck Transportation in Northwestern Ontario

  48. www.trainweb.US/nwotransportation - Rail & Truck Transportation in Northwestern Ontario Photos of VIA Rail Trains, Canadian National Railways, and Canadian commercial trucking... Read More>>

  49. ☆ North West Rail Pics

  50. www.trainweb.US/nwrp - North West Rail Pics A collection of freight car images from western North America including Alaska Railroad, BNSF, Columbia & Cowlitz, UP, BC Rail, CN, CSX, Washington Central, Blue... Read More>>

  51. ★ Old Time Trains

  52. - Old Time Trains Canadian Railway History and Stories - Preserving Our Railway Heritage. The road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page. Formed in May 1967 by R.L.Kennedy as successor to RAILFANS UNLIMITED. At this time a new direction was taken, whereas previously steam excursions were the main activity (along with a small newsletter covering C.P.R. Toronto motive power), interest now turned to preservation... Read More>>

  53. ☆ O.N.-Rail(fan)

  54. www.trainweb.US/onrailfan - O.N.-Rail(fan) This site features Ontario National as well as Canadian railways in general. Hundreds of photos are posted of locomotives, freight cars, MOW equipment and even VIA Rail trains and stations... Read More>>

  55. ☆ ONR MP14

  56. www.trainweb.US/onrmp14 - ONR MP14 Featuring the Ontario Northland Railway with Photos And Links... Read More>>

  57. ☆ Railways of Ontario

  58. www.trainweb.US/ontariorailways - Railways of Ontario A detailed history of railways constructed within the Province of Ontario, Canada. Sections include Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, American Railway Lines, and Other Railway Lines, plus Internet Railway Connections, and Published Ontario Railway Resources... Read More>>

  59. ☆ Railway Stations of Ontario

  60. www.trainweb.US/ontariostations - Railway Stations of Ontario A comprehensive listing of railway stations within the Province of Ontario including the location of all known remaining heritage stations constructed prior to 1960 that can be traced within the Province, originating from both steam and interurban lines... Read More>>

  61. ★ Ottawa Valley Live Steamers

  62. - Ottawa Valley Live Steamers and Model Engineers. Founded in 1978, interests include building and operating large scale outdoor model locomotives, traction engines, hot air engines, steam boats, stationary engines, clocks, workshop equipment and other related topics. New members are welcome... Read More>>

  63. ☆ RailLink Photo Archives

  64. - RailLink Photo Archives A gallery of photos of RaiLink locomotives and trains from Ottawa Valley, and Southern Ontario, Central Western, plus a RaiLink Screen Saver... Read More>>

  65. ☆ Portraits of North American Railroads

  66. www.trainweb.US/pblarsenpics - Portraits of North American Railroads By Paul B. Larsen. Please take the time to browse through my selection of photographs that I have taken over the course of the past 15 years. I have lived in several areas around the country and it has... Read More>>

  67. ☆ The Preston Model Railway Society (PMRS)

  68. www.trainweb.US/pmrs - The Preston Model Railway Society (PMRS) We are a model train club located in Kitchener, Ontario founded in 1977 with both HO and N scale layouts Where the purpose of Model Railroading is having fun... Read More>>

  69. ☆ Railscanning in the Toronto Area

  70. www.trainweb.US/railscan - Railscanning in the Toronto Area This site is dedicated to railscanning in the Toronto area. Scanning the railroad frequencies is an interesting and useful hobby. It can be used by photographers to set up shots and prepare for oncoming trains, railfans use it to get a 'feel' for traffic patterns on the line and obtain train numbers - its a whole other aspect to an already fascinating hobby! Owing to the large... Read More>>

  71. ☆☆☆ Rails in Toronto

  72. www.trainweb.US/railsintoronto - Rails in Toronto Trains in Toronto including Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, GO Transit, rail maps and rail attractions in Halton and Peel Regions, West End, Central, East End, and a stone's throw away... Read More>>

  73. ★★★ GO Transit Motive Power Website

  74. - GO Transit Motive Power Website GO Transit F59PH History, Under the Hoods, F59PH Diagrams, Where are the F59s now?, Locomotive Roster Stats, F59PH Photo Gallery and more... Read More>>

  75. ☆☆☆ Randy's Railroads

  76. www.trainweb.US/randysrr - Randy's Railroads Thousands of photographs from my collection. I took approximately 15,000 slides of northeast railroads in the early 80's. There is also a large selection of Western Maryland photos from my collection including early diesel and late steam... Read More>>

  77. ★ Class III Shortlines

  78. - Class III Shortlines Welcome to CLASS III Shortlines, a locomotive roster and photo site for the shortlines in the western half of Canada and US. Select a state or province to see which rosters are available... Read More>>

  79. ★ The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill

  80. - The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill. On the Canadian Pacific Railway, Centennial Edition, by Graeme Pole, Mountain Vision Publishing. This compelling account chronicles the tales, the triumphs, and the tragedies of railway operations in Kicking Horse Pass from 1885 to the present day. Revised and expanded for the 2009 centennial of the... Read More>>

  81. ★ South Western Ontario Trains

  82. - Southwestern Ontario Trains. Photos of trains of VIA Rail Canada, Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian National Railroad, Essex Terminal Railroad Esset Terminal No. 9, Museum, Tracks, Stations, and other Items, Night Photographs, CBC 50th... Read More>>

  83. ★ Tim's Canadian MSTS Locomotives List

  84. - Tim's Canadian MSTS Locomotives List Includes photos of steam, BC Rail, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, VIA Rail Canada, O.N. Rail, Special, Electric, MSTS Links, CN Blackfoot Sub, Northwest Line and more... Read More>>

  85. ★ Canadian Railway - Agent, Operator, Dispatcher Genealogical Index

  86. - Canadian Railway: Agent, Operator, Dispatcher Genealogical Index Clicking on a Province brings up telegraph, agent, operator, and dispatcher names associated with that province. The names shown on each provincial list is NOT a complete list... Read More>>

  87. ★★★ Ron Goodenow's Attic

  88. - Ron Goodenow's Attic The Attic is a personal museum, drawing on the stash of items I've collected -- and am still collecting -- in my railway and other travels. I'm including visits to museums and shortlines, profiles of American and foreign carriers, timetables... Read More>>

  89. ☆ Eastern Quebec Railways

  90. www.trainweb.US/trainmaster - Eastern Quebec Railways Patrick Sirois's rail web site of Eastern Quebec Railways incluidng CFMG, QNS&L, Cartier Railway, Wabush Mines, Romaine River Railway, Canadian National Railway, Tshiuetin Rail Transport, plus links and more... Read More>>

  91. ☆ Trains Are Better

  92. www.trainweb.US/trainsarebetter - Trains Are Better Better than what? I don't know. They're just better. We all have things we really really like, and I like model railroad equipment. The biggest disappointment I've ever encountered in the hobby was not finding my favourite diesel locomotives painted in CN or CP Rail... Read More>>

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