Web Service Details

This page provides details about the various web services plans provided to rail related companies by TrainWeb.

Electronic Mail

Level Three web plans and above include an e-mail address of the form: yourcompany@trainweb.com. This address will be forwarded to the e-mail box that you have with your internet provider or any other e-mail box that you select. You do not have to have a dial-up account nor an e-mail box in order to take advantage of one of the TrainWeb marketing plans.

If you wish additional e-mail addresses at TrainWeb they can be obtained for $60 per year each. Actual e-mail boxes are also available at TrainWeb for $60 per year each. You do not need any e-mail addresses or e-mail boxes at TrainWeb to take advantage of the web marketing plans offered.

Web Page Design

The $100 set-up charge for Level Three accounts and above include the design and implementation of a simple web page that may contain a photo or graphic. For an additional $200 ($300 total set-up charge), we will design an enhanced web page for your company. If you wish multiple pages at your web site or advanced features beyond what our staff can implement for you in one day, additional web design work is available for $50 per hour, 2 hour minimum. Alternatively, we will evaluate your web needs and quote a price for the entire project.

Changes To Web Page Content

If you wish to make a simple change to the content of a Level Two or Level Three Web Account, the cost is $50. If you wish to make a more complex change to a Level Three Web Account, the cost is $100. Changes of content for Level Four Web Accounts and above will be quoted on a case-by-case basis but will generally cost $50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

A Custom Web Address For Your Company

If you wish to have a custom URL (web address) for your company in the format: www.yourcompany.com, we can obtain that for you. We charge a $50 processing fee for this service, but you will also receive a direct bill from the Internic for $100 to cover the first 2 years of your unique web address. After the first 2 years, the Internic's present pricing structure indicates they will bill you $50 annually.

We have no objection to you using your own unique web address at TrainWeb. However, both your company and our company lose some of the advantages of cross-promotion when you don't use "http://trainweb.com" as part of your web address. Your site also loses many of the advantages that are free to you when you use "http://trainweb.com" as part of your web address. These include our exhaustive effort to register TrainWeb with every search engine on the internet, to place TrainWeb into every Web directory, and the media attention given to TrainWeb through our continuing publicity efforts.

Our own suggestion is to use "http://trainweb.com/rail/yourcompany" as your web address. If you have multiple product lines, we can establish unique web addresses for each product, such as: "http://trainweb.com/rail/productname". There is no set-up, initial or continuing annual fee to Internic when you use "http://trainweb.com" as the root of your unique web address.

Clients With An Existing Web Address

If you already have a web page on the internet, we will provide you with a free Level Two web page in exchange for you placing a link to http://trainweb.com on the main page of your web site. That is, you can submit up to 50 words to describe your business. We will post that at: http://trainweb.com/rail/yourcompany.html along with a link to your actual web page and include your company in the TrainWeb White and Yellow Pages.

Also, we would welcome you to TrainWeb if you would like to transfer your web site to this location or to even use TrainWeb as a secondary or backup mirror site to your present web provider! As you have read above, there are many advantages at TrainWeb to rail related businesses that are not available from other internet service providers. If your business has anything to do with rail, then your web site belongs at TrainWeb.

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