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Steve Grande's Comments On Heatermeals

Personally, I eat Heatermeals quite often. I find the quality of the food to be superior to almost all frozen dinners. Maybe that is because the Heatermeals start at room temperature rather than from a frozen state.

I'm usually on the road at lunch time each day when I'm on my way to pick up my daughters from school. When I don't have to pick them up, I'll often have lunch in the TrainWeb office at my desk. Heatermeals taste better and are more nutritious than most drive-through, fast-food or take-out meals, which is what I subsisted on for lunch before I turned to Heatermeals.

Living in earthquake country in Southern California, I used to have an emergency supply of food and water for my family. The food that I had in storage had a shelf life of 5 to 7 years. We were supposed to cycle through the food and replace it before 5 years. However, the food was so undesireable, that we never used it and eventually had to throw it away!

This is not the case with Heatermeals. I keep a couple week supply in my home and at my office. Since it is more desireable to eat than most fast-foods or frozen dinners, there is no problem cycling through the supply so that it remains fresh. How long is the shelf life of the Heatermeals? More than 2 years! Since I can easily cycle through my supply in quite under a year, the shelf life is not a problem.

Whether you live in earthquake country, hurricane country, tornado country, storm country, or in any other part of the world, it is not a bad idea to keep 2 weeks or more of emergency food on hand. Heatermeals store easily as each is about the size of a frozen dinner and does not need refrigeration. Plus, if you head off on a camping trip or anywhere that a hot meal would not normally be available, you can just grab a few Heatermeals from your supply!

The Earthquake Preparedness people recommend that emergency supplies be kept in your vehicle as well as in your home, work and school. Heatermeals take up very little space so a day or two of hot meals can be stored in your vehicle without a problem.

Everything you need is right in each box, even the tableware and napkin! You just take the meal out of the box, leaving it sealed. In the box is also a disposable heating tray and a porous bag of the heating chemical. There is also a small packet of water that tears open easily. You pour the packet of water onto the heating chemical bag, place the sealed meal upside down on top of the heating bag, and slide everything back into the original box. Wait just 15 minutes and you have a hot meal ready for you to eat! There is no flame and no mess! When you are finished, just put everything back in the box and dispose of the box.

I'd recommend ordering some today and giving them a try. I think you will find them convenient and supprisingly tasty and will order more!

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