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HeaterMeals provides "The Meal That Heats itself", which comes with everything you need for a hot meal anyplace or anytime.

For the Amtrak Coach traveler: One of the main reasons for traveling by rail in coach class rather than in a sleeping car is to keep down your travel costs. Since eating in the dining car can significantly increase those costs, most coach travelers do not eat many of their meals in the dining car. Until now, your only other option for a hot meal while traveling was to purchase a hotdog, hamburger, pizza, burrito, or other item from the limited selections in the cafe car. Under FDA policies, Amtrak is not allowed to heat any food that you bring onboard and you can only consume food that you have brought with you at your seat.

With HeaterMeals, you can now enjoy a hot meal right at your seat while traveling! There isn't any flame, so it is safe to prepare the meal right at your seat. Give it a try the next time you travel by rail! Click here for information on how to order them!

Economy Private Car Railtours: Railtours in private cars are now being offered at budget prices. These special low-price tours in private railcars are made possible by not providing passengers with onboard meals. Since most private charter railcars provide gourmet meals prepared by an onboard chef, the cost of travel in this manner is outside the reach of the average person. Private railcar travel has now been made affordable to the average vacationer by elimination of this onboard amenity.

Just because they leave the chef behind on these trips is no reason to dine on cold sandwiches for the entire trip! With HeaterMeals, you can still enjoy a hot meal during your travels. Click here for information on how to order them!

If you own a private railcar and provide charter or private railtours, you should consider giving your clients the option of HeaterMeals rather than cold sandwiches on those trips where normal preparation of hot food is not practical or possible. You can make this an option on the reservation form when they sign up for a tour.

Railfans: When you are out at a remote location waiting for those trains, a hot meal can be just what you need! You can drive off to a nearby restaurant, but will you miss the train or the special photo you were trying to get while you have left trackside?

Engineers, Crew and MOW workers: Many railroad workers are already enjoying the benefit of hot meals in the field and on the train with HeaterMeals! You know that you are often in a location where you do not have the opportunity to go off to a restaurant for a hot meal. HeaterMeals can be just the right thing for these occassions! When the weather is cold, a hot meal is what you desire. Click here for information on how to order them!

Keep in mind that there is no flame with HeaterMeals. You can prepare then almost anywhere anytime with minimal effort.

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