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Would you like your railroad related magazine print publication to be promoted at TrainWeb?

Our rail publication trading partners have a clickable banner ad displayed on the main page of both and as well as displayed in ad banner rotation more than 40,000 time per month throughout hundreds of independently operated rail related websites hosted free on our web servers. Your own clickable banner ad could be displayed more than 1200 times per day to thousands of train enthusiasts.

Most of the clickable banner ads on our websites result in more than 15 click throughs per day (more than 400 per month) direct to the websites of the rail publications. Our research has shown these click throughs result in a significant number of new subscriptions every month for our rail publication trading partners.

In these difficult economic times we can all use every avenue of promoting our businesses as can be found. One of the best ways of doing this without expanding the tight budgets that we are all experiencing is to trade promotion avenues that we each offer. Having been on the web since 1996, there is no railroad related website that offers as much content to as many train enthusiasts as the family of websites hosted by TrainWeb. But our exposure in the print world is limited. This is where a trade relationship between our onlline world and your print world can be of major benefit to both of us.

To become a rail publication trading partner with TrainWeb you just run a 1/4 page color ad in every issue of your publication. You can run it on any page of your publication, but it must appear in every issue and your publication has to be a real print publication that is issued at least four times per year (no e-zines please). We will be running your clickable banner ad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously, so we really appreciate that you reciprocate and run our ad non-stop in every issue. We will provide you with both vertical and a horizontal 1/4 page color display ads so that you can use whichever best fits in each issue.

Our 1/4 page print ad features and These are our revenue generating ventures that keep our business alive. TrainWeb itself has always been more a "labor of love" than a profit generating venture, as I'm sure are many of the rail magazine print publications. Without these other ventures there would not be a TrainWeb and thus the importance of generating revenue for and

Do you want additional exposure for your rail publication? Send a complimentary subscription or extra issues to the Depot Inn & Suites, 1245 N. Brown St., La Plata, MO 63549. All issues received will be placed on display in the railroad themed hotel lobby. Extra and old issues will be provided free to train enthusiast guests at the hotel. For more information about the Depot Inn & Suites, please visit You do not have to become a TrainWeb trade partner to have your publication placed on display at the hotel.

To set up a rail publication trade relationship with TrainWeb, please write to

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