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TrainWeb is looking for volunteer help. This is a volunteer unpaid position that entails just a few hours per week of your time in the TrainWeb office upstairs in the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot.

In addition, TrainWeb is looking for volunteers to work from home and also offers free web accounts to individuals for their rail hobby interests and to non-profit rail organization.

First, lets talk about the unpaid volunteer position available in the TrainWeb office in the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot.

TrainWeb donates quite a bit of its time and resources to help the rail community. We provide free web accounts to non-profit organizations and individuals who wish to share their rail related information and photos. Thus, we provide free web space to rail advocacy groups, model railroad clubs, railfan organizations, and even individuals who wish to share their stories and photos with the rest of us!

My problem is that I don't have time to interface with all these organizations. In the past, I put out a call for volunteers and I wish to thank all of you that have responded. Most of you have not received any reply from me at all and I wish to apologize for that. The problem is that trying to coordinate all the volunteers was actually taking more time away from me rather than freeing up my time!

Thus, I have come to the conclusion that I need one or two volunteers that can come and work right here in the TrainWeb office for a few hours each week. I need to have at least one of those people here before I can even begin to work with those of you who have volunteered from other parts of the country, and even other parts of the world! The main responsibility of the volunteers in the office here will be to coordinate the other people that have volunteered to work remotely from their homes on various aspects of TrainWeb. The volunteers in the office here will also interface with the people that operate the web accounts that have been provided free by TrainWeb. In other words, these volunteers will coordinate the non-profit rail community service side of TrainWeb and will not be involved in the revenue generation side of TrainWeb.

I know that many of you spend a lot of time on your model railroading hobby, your railfan hobby, or even your rail advocacy efforts. I am hoping that we can get one or two people with that level of dedication to do the volunteer work in the TrainWeb office. The more time one can devote to working here, the faster we can get all the other rail community services that TrainWeb wishes to offer up and running! I realize that may be unrealistic and that is why I am looking for two people to volunteer to fill this position. So, even if you don't think you can spend a lot of hours here, please do communicate with me if you live close enough and are interested enough to spend some time each week here.

Now to make things more difficult, it would be a great deal of help if you are familiar with using e-mail and have some knowledge of how to create and upload web pages. Since you are reading this post on the web, I guess we can already assume that you are familiar with browsing the web. Experience in creating and uploading web pages is needed because you will be communicating with non-profit rail organizations and other volunteers whose main relationship with TrainWeb will be creating and maintaining web pages for their organization or for TrainWeb. Thus, much of your time will be spent helping these people get set up at TrainWeb and helping them with any questions they have about their web account.

I don't expect you to be an expert at web knowledge as you will be able to tap me and other TrainWeb volunteers for answers. But, a familiarity with web page creation will make it a lot easier for you to be the contact person between the free sites hosted at TrainWeb and the people with the technical answers.

Please do keep in mind that this is a NON-PAID volunteer position. You will be coordinating our community service efforts and will be interfacing with people at non-profit rail organizations and other individuals, as well as coordinating with other TrainWeb volunteers that work from home. You will not be involved in the commercial side of TrainWeb at all.

TrainWeb is a small organization at this time that operates on a tight budget. When TrainWeb can afford it, we would be more than happy to turn these in-house volunteer positions into paid staff positions. But, in the meantime, we have to rely on those of you who want to volunteer your time to help the rail hobby, travel and advocacy community to get what they have to offer onto the web.

If you think you fit the bill, please send me e-mail to me at: If you are not local to the TranWeb office at the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot but would still like to help out, then send me e-mail explaining that you would like to volunteer and work from home. However, do not expect even a reply to acknowledge your e-mail until we have an in-house volunteer in place.

If you are interested in doing sales for TrainWeb and earning a commission on each sale, then click here.

On the other hand, if you would like to have your own site on the web to provide information to the public about your rail hobby, or about rail travel, or if you would like to place your club or other non-profit organization onto the web at TrainWeb, then click here for more information.

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