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   ABB X2000 Amtrak Demo.    
   G.E, AMD 103 Amtrak    
   Amtrak F40PH meets F59    
   EMD F-7 Santa Fe "War bonnet"    
   EMD Freight Locomotive, 1998 ATSF "War Bonnet    
   ALCO S-3 Switcher, S.P.    
   G.E. C44-9CW Conrail    
   4-6-0 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, DRG & W    
   GS-4 4-8-4 Northern S.P, "Daylight"    
   EMD SO-45, Union Pacific    
   Santa Fe's First Diesel Locomotive (1936)    
   U.S.R.A. Mikado, Union Pacific    
 Shipping & Handling Charges  
 First Class Mail, 1-5 Pictures $2.50
6-10 Pictures $3.50 / 11-15 Pictures $4.50
16-20 Pictures $5.50 / 20-and over $6.50



 California residents add 8.25 % Sales Tax


Grand Total 


Glory Train Specials

When you buy themed prints (like Amtrak series or the A.T.S.F. series etc.) you'll save up to $5.00
over buying Three 5X7 single prints. Check out the Series Specials below.

  Series Title  Description  Regular Price  Series Price
 Amtrak  F-40 meets F-59
AMD-103 & ABB x2000
3-5X7 prints $30.00
3-8X10 prints $42.00
Steam Locomotives 4-8-0 Baldwin
U.S.R.A. 2-8-2
GS 4
4-8-4 Northern type
3-5X7 prints $30.00
3-8X10 prints $42.00
 Union Pacific  U.S.R.A. 2-8-2
2-5X7 prints $20.00
2-8X10 prints $28.00
 A.T.S.F. 1936 Version Diesel
EMD F-7 War Bonnet
New Version EMD Diesel
War Bonnet
3-5X7 prints $30.00
3-8X10 prints $42.00
 Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight & Alco
S-3 Switcher
2-5X7 prints $20.00
2-8X10 prints $28.00
 Diesels EMD's first Diesel
Modern EMD Unit A.T.S.F.
EMD SD-45 U.P.
Alco S-3 Switcher S.P.
6 -5X7 prints $60.00
6 8X10 prints $84.00


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