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Welcome to Glory Train Computer Art. The company that makes art of locomotives...both past and present. Would you like to show your kids the locomotives that pulled trains when you were their age? Would you like to have a collection of advanced state of the art locomotives? Glory Train Computer Art delivers these images with a new line of hand drawn locomotive computer art.

Remember when such locomotives as the GS-4 Southern Pacific Daylight pulled one of the most beautiful passenger and freight trains in America? Who will ever forget the Santa Fe EMD F-7 "War Bonnet". How can you forget the awesome ABB X2000 "Amtrak demonstrator" gracing America's east coast with lighting fast speed, curve tilting technology bringing high speed rail to the USA.

You can have these locomotive art works in your home or office. Available in 5X8 or 8X10 formats. there are 9 compositions in the collection, with more on the way. For a complete description of the locomotive prints available, visit the Glory Train Computer Art Gallery now.