"At the Arizona, New Mexico border approaching Gallup, the wild rock formations turn from sand-beige to red-rust in the Red Cliff country." 

 "The upturned face of this vast nation, this catalyst of cultures and passionate beliefs, New York."
"South from Seattle, the waters of Puget Sound are seen for mile upon mile along the railroad's western border. Ancient pylons and docks remain as landmarked reflections in deep pewter."

 "Approaching Portland, through the Willamette Valley's farms and fir plantations. Crops of spinach and kale thrive under clouds of heavy-blue charcoal, highlighted with cobalt patches."

 "Towards Point Concepcion, on the California coast between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, sloping grassy canyons lead into the sea. Succulent plants spread to sun-tanned cliffs, bluffs encrusted in silken Pacific sands."

 "To New London, with upright, steepled churches painted white in the solid New England style - simple, Puritan, Pilgrim, functional. Sailing boats congregate in the working harbor."

 "Towards Chicago the train passes through rich, open farm country. Morning light heightens the glow of soft tones on fresh seedlings. Hedges, rows of full, lush growth, act as protecting windbreaks for ripe Indiana fields."

"Florida north, south through Jacksonville to Orlando. Lush, almost jungle landscape. Palms in all sizes, varieties. Heated crystal lakes boil as the sun penetrates their silver, to emerge from their silt filled bowls."