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TrainWeb Hosted Websites Featuring
Subways and Underground Railroads

  1. ☆☆☆ District Dave's London Underground Site

  2. www.trainweb.US/districtdave - District Dave's London Underground Site Although broadly concerning the whole of London Underground this web site inevitably focuses on the District Line - the line on which I work. However, much of the information contained here is generic to the network... Read More>>

  3. ★ Jacks Rail Pictures

  4. Home.html - Jacks Rail Pictures Pictures of Trains in Philadelphia and Beyond including Amtrak, SEPTA, and a slide show of the PATCO control center... Read More>>

  5. ☆ Mk1EMU

  6. www.trainweb.US/Mk1EMU - Title This site has been set up to pay tribute to the Slam Door units that are currently operating on the Southern Region as well as one remaining 1st generation DMU at Chiltern Railways... Read More>>

  7. ★★★ Southern California Traction Club

  8. - Southern California Traction Club. Founded in October 1995 by five trolley modelers, the SCTC is a modular group that operates model electric streetcars, interurban, and subway vehicles from live overhead wires. The scale used is HO scale... Read More>>

  9. ☆☆☆ New York City Subways

  10. www.trainweb.US/subway - New York City Subways. Dedicated to both the prototype and modeling of the New York City Subways. Includes Prototypes, Models, Sports Train Bar, Layout, Memorabilia, Photos, Links, Forums... Read More>>

  11. ☆☆☆ The Tubeprune

  12. www.trainweb.US/tubeprune - The Tubeprune Tube Professionals' RUmour NEtwork (with grateful apologies to the Pilots Prune). An unofficial web site for professional railway people working for London Underground and for those interested in the London Underground railway system. Information provided here is also useful for those interested in other metros and subway systems. Read More>>

  13. ☆ UK Railways

  14. www.trainweb.US/ukrailways - UK Railways Devoted to all aspects of railways in the United Kingdom. A collection of photos and articles by Riger Viggers. Kindly note that photos have been selected for their railway interest rather than photographic quality. Many date back several years and were taken in difficult circumstances... Read More>>

August 10, 2019 - Midwest Rail Rangers - New York City Subway Heritage Ride. Robert & Kandace Tabern. Before we ride the rails... we wanted to plug the New York Transit Museum. If you are planning a visit to New York City, one of the "must do" activities is a visit to the New York Transit Museum in... Read More>>

Oct 26, 2017 - Los Angeles Metro Regional Connector Transit Project Photos by Steve Grande Photos of the construction sites of two stations of the LA Metro Regional Connector Transit Project including information and a map of the project. When this project is completed there will be a re-configuratin of the Los Angeles Metro Subway Lines. The BLUE LINE will run all the way from Azusa to Long Beach. Thus you will be able to take the light rail BLUE LINE between Azusa and Long Beach without changing trains. The GOLD LINE will run all the... Read More>>

Sep 12-19, 2016 - London Underground and Overground Photos by Steve Grande Just some photos that I took when taking the London Underground (The Tube) and London Overground while visiting England... Read More>>

London Underground Crossrail - Largest Construction Project In Europe. Crossrail is a railway construction project centred around London. Its aim is to provide a high-frequency hybrid commuter rail and rapid transit system crossing the capital from... Read More>>

Reports and Photos by Chris Guenzler
That Include Segments About
Subways and Underground Railroads

Sorted by date, most recent to least recent:

  1. 06/16/2010: PATH
  2. 04/10/2007: Philadelphia Subway
  3. 04/16/2006: Philadelphia Subway
  4. 07/02/2003: Baltimore Subway
  5. 06/10/2001: Newark subway
  6. 08/07/1999: Montreal Subway
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