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Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 07:44:20 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Oklahoma wants Amtrak service

David Hale of Lawton OK has forwarded a news release from the Oklahoma

House of Representatives. Partially presented below, the entire news

release is posted as a link from the Oklahoma ARP Web page:

"Two state legislators point out demand for passenger trains"

Oklahoma House of Representatives

Media Division  July 22, 1997

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Significant population and economic

growth during the nearly two decades since Amtrak suspended

service in Oklahoma has produced potential pent-up demand for

passenger trains, two state legislators said Tuesday.

An Amtrak study performed last year estimated that depending

upon trip destination, frequency of service and ticket costs,

passenger trains could attract perhaps 50,000 passengers each year

on an intercity route between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, and

perhaps more than 100,000 annually for interstate trips between

Chicago and Fort Worth through central Oklahoma.

Representatives of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation,

or Amtrak, are scheduled to present a more detailed assessment to

the House/Senate Passenger High-Speed Rail Task Force in

August. That evaluation "should give us a better grasp of the full

cost and economic impact" of re-establishing train service in

Oklahoma, said Rep. Mike Tyler, D-Sapulpa, chairman of the

House Transportation Committee.

In addition, all four passenger train options proposed for Oklahoma [SEE

BELOW] would require annual operating subsidies ranging from $4 million to

$8.6 million per year, Amtrak calculated.


The proposal features four route options:

(1) daily service between Chicago and Fort Worth through central Oklahoma.

Stations in Oklahoma would include Ponca City, Perry, Guthrie, OKC, Norman,

Pauls Valley and Ardmore.

(2) tri-weekly service between Chicago and Fort Worth through central


Same stations as in daily service.

(3) twice-a-day service between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth.

Stations in Oklahoma would include OKC, Norman, Pauls Valley and Ardmore.

(4) twice daily service between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Stations would include OKC, Tulsa and Sapulpa.


Dave Bowe

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