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Amtrak News Updates from Amtrak Conductor Dave Bowe.

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 22:53:06 -0400 (EDT)


1) To get Republican members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to
support a likely Lautenberg amendment to add up to $60 million to Amtrak's
mandatory payments category at the full committee markup Tuesday afternoon -
July 22nd.

Those who voted with Amtrak June 27th may be the most sympathetic.  Please
begin by thanking them for that vote: Stevens (AK), Cochran (MS), Specter
(PA), Domenici (NM), McConnell (KY), Burns (MT), Bennett (UT), Campbell (CO),
Faircloth (NC) and Hutchison (TX).  [This is not to say ignore the issue if
your senator is a Democratic committee member, only most Republican members
probably need to hear more from constituents on this issue.]

2) To get Democratic members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure
Committee to support Shuster's Amtrak reform bill (as early as today, Shuster
could introduce a bill similar to the one passed in 1995) even though some
rail labor interests now oppose what they agreed to in 1995.  [Again,
Republicans--especially those with pro-labor records--also need to hear from
rail passenger supporters.]

There are now 70 cosponsors of HR.1437, the half-cent legislation in the
House.  The latest cosponsors are:

Rep McNulty (D-NY) - 07/11/97
Rep English (R-PA) - 07/11/97
Rep DeGette (D-CO) - 07/11/97

The toll free number to Capitol Hill has been disconnected.  To
reach the Congressional switchboard call:   1-202-224-3121.



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