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Amtrak is working with states and other partners to expand and improve passenger rail services in corridors across the country. The corridor development program will use the expertise and knowledge that Amtrak has acquired with successful regional services.

Pacific Northwest - Amtrak ridership is forecasted to grow 300 percent by the year 2003, to over one million passengers per year. Amtrak has worked with the states of Washington and Oregon and local business partners to develop the 466-mile corridor in the Vancouver, BC-Seattle-Portland-Eugene region.

Las Vegas - Amtrak is currently working with the Nevada Department of Transportation to secure federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds for new service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Local gaming industry leaders and tourism officials are also working with Amtrak to create new unique public-private partnerships. Nearly $20 million in capital has been designated by Amtrak for the new short distance corridor to begin service in late summer 2000.

Northeast Corridor - Amtrak will inaugurate 150 mph Acela Express service between Boston, New York and Washington in the Spring of 2000, utilizing 20 all-new high-speed trains. In preparation for the launch of service, Amtrak has invested $1.8 billion upgrading the Northeast Corridor in New England and extending the electrification system from New Haven to Boston.

New York - Amtrak and the New York Department of Transportation are jointly investing $180 million over five years to increase speeds up to 125 mph in the Hudson Valley Corridor between Albany and New York City, and cut travel time and boost capacity in western New York between Buffalo and Albany. The agreement also provides for the remanufacture of five Turboliners.

Pennsylvania - Amtrak and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will invest $140 million over five years in the Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg to cut 30 minutes off of today's two-hour travel time. In addition, Amtrak will phase in all-electric service on the line that is the only electrified route outside of the Northeast Corridor. PennDOT has pledged to close the three last grade crossings that would make the Keystone Corridor the first sealed line in the United States.

Southeast - Amtrak also has entered into a partnership with Virginia to develop a high-speed service plan, including the acquisition of 110 mph trains, for the Washington-Richmond section for the corridor.

Midwest Corridors - Amtrak and nine Midwestern states have joined together in a formal effort known as the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative to develop a series of high speed corridors emanating between from Chicago and Carbondale, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul. Travel times are expected to improve by 30 to 50 percent.

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